Do you want to achieve more freedom, fulfillment and flexibility in your life?

The Full Time Freedom Academy has been created by Consultant and Affiliate Marketing Coach, Shannon Bain for like minded, ‘freedom chasers’ who are inspired to get out of their own way and live their best life.

It is designed for hard working, ambitious, action-takers who want to create a freedom lifestyle by starting, building and scaling your dream online business.

While you will learn exactly how to turn your interests into income, you will also be a part of a community that will allow you to connect and collaborate by sharing ideas and inspiration with your fellow FULL TIME FREEDOM chasers.

Grab your pen and paper, carve out 90 minutes of quiet time & get ready to have your mind blow (no beating around the bush in this series, zero fluff & 100% transparency!).

If you want a lifestyle business, access this 4-part video series! It teaches you the EXACT method I used to achieve Full Time Freedom.

As Your Affiliate Marketing Coach I Will Teach You How To:


How to start an online business from scratch (or become an affiliate marketing coach as well!?)


The exact steps you can use to turn your interests into income


Two simple business models you can start with immediately and that can be scaled to six figures and beyond


Earn high-ticket commissions that pay hundreds (even thousands) per sale


You don’t need to do affiliate marketing, the skills you learn will allow you to start any online business you desire


Use affiliate marketing to achieve Full Time Freedom

How I Became An Affiliate Marketing Coach

There was always one thing I wanted in life. Just one thing.


Like most people, I would dream of the day I could live life on my terms, travel where/whenever I wanted, do work I was passionate about and have no limit on the amount of money I could make.

Freedom was always so much more important to me that any material possession. But, the struggle was… how exactly could I achieve this?

It always seemed out of reach, and for so long, it was just that… a dream.

The real shock came when one day I came to the realisation that I was trading a limited resource (time) for a limitless one (money).

I knew I needed to start taking action, so I tried (and failed) at a number of things, before I was introduced to a program that was teaching actual digital skills, covering all aspects online business, including marketing, mindset, technology and strategy in order to start, build and scale an online business.

I learn Digital and Affiliate Marketing, which gave me the ability to create multiple streams of income online, including mobile, active and passive sources.

But something was missing, I wanted to help people in the same position I was, to build a life of freedom too. So I became an affiliate marketing coach.

After seeing a huge amount of success in a seriously short period of time (4 months), without previous experience, going into debt and doing ANY cold calling, outreach or sleazy sales tactics, I wanted to teach people that this ‘freedom lifestyle’ isn’t just for the very lucky, but a fundamental right to pursue.

Using this education I have been able to:

  • Create a Thriving Digital Agency @shannonbaindigital
  • Become an Affiliate Marketing Coach
  • Replace my 9-5 income in less than 12 months
  • Create a community of inspired, like-minded individuals
  • Generate leads and sales into my business 24/7
  • Earn 100% passive high-ticket affiliate income from digital products
  • Live a true freedom lifestyle, allowing me to work anywhere

So… I decided to create the Full Time Freedom Academy, where I dedicate my time to my passion of being an Affiliate Marketing Coach, helping inspired individuals who want live life on their own terms.

I am offering FREE access to a 4-part video series teaching you how it all works. Fill in your details and you will get instant access.

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