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1:1 programs for online coaches and service providers

Are you a coach or service-providers that is damn good at what they do, but struggle with ‘all the things’ that come with growing a successful online business?

I know you have big goals, and I also know that you wish you could do more of the things you love… but find yourself being held back by trying to keep up with planning, marketing, lead generation, managing clients and delivering your offers… just to name a few!

You want to make more money and spend less time ‘in’ your business, but lack clarity on how you can tap into that next level of impact and income.

I’m here to tell you that not all hope is lost, and you don’t need to feel ‘stuck’ trying to figure it out on your own.

How to work with me

90 Minute Strategy Session

For the business owner that has a specific goal or challenge they want to work on.

We will work together to come up with a identify & resolve any road blocks and map out the exact steps you need to take in order to get from where you are to where you want to be.

What’s Included

Pre-Consult Assessment

90 Minute 1:1 Consultation
Post-Call Action Plan
1 Week of Voxer

$550 AUD

8 Week Intensive

For the online coach or service provider that wants to improve their marketing and systems to prepare for the next level of growth in their business.

We will map out your entire business eco-system, fix fundamentals issues that are stopping you from progressing and create an plan for elevating everything that happens BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a sale.

What’s Included

8 x 60 Minute Consultations ($2640 value)

Private Voice Note Channel & Voxer ($1500 value)

Ultimate Business Management Tool Bundle ($2425 value)

$3997 AUD ($6560 Value!)

(payment plans available)

Case Studies

Case Study One

Lachlan Stuart

Men’s Performance Coach

Lachie came to me when he had hit a ‘growth ceiling where he was capped out on time and income in his business.

He was incredibly stressed, lacked clarity and had to work 40-50 hours per week to keep things running.

What We Did

Developed a brand new, highly leveraged offer suite

Automated and streamlined his systems 

Hired team members and support coaches

Implemented a strategic, action-focused marketing plan

The Results

Thousands of new subscribers & followers

Significant decrease in the time he spends ‘in’ the business

A thriving community of coaching clients

Consistent increase in revenue Q/Q

“I feel more in control than ever on the growth of my business, everything feels easy, systemised and efficient”

Lachlan Stuart on a dark blue shirt arms crossed

“I can’t say enough good things about working with Shannon. She helped me automate every touch point of my business, completely freeing me up to do what I do best. Her advice and implementation of your business needs is amazing. She’s one of those rare consultants that once you find them you never want to let them go!”

Emma Lewis seated holding a green mug

Case Study TWO

Emma Lewis

Women’s Planning Strategist

Emma came to me because she was ready to up-level the way she was operating her business and marketing her offer.

She already had a proven membership offer, but was still doing everything manually, and lacked the strategy and direction needed to reach her goals.

What We Did

Established consistent branding and new website

Built out an automated sales funnel and ‘rinse & repeat’ marketing plan

Tweaked her membership offer for more consistent income

Implemented automated payment processing systems

The Results

Quit her 9-5 and lived in Bali for 2 months

Significantly less time spent on ‘administrative tasks’
More incoming leads and sales than ever
A consistent, reliable income stream

Thriving community of members


As a business consultant for online coaches and service providers, I use my background in strategic planning, marketing, systems, operations, team management, mindset and sales to help my clients start or grow their online coaching or service-based businesses.

I quit my full-time job in 2020 and opened the doors to Shannon Bain Digital after spending 5+ years establishing a breadth of knowledge and experience in business growth and discovering that this was my purpose and mission in life.

I have scaled my website & consulting agency into multiple six figures, built a team and worked with over 100 clients…. using only my laptop and phone.

I truly love working with clients who are driven to help others by sharing their gifts with the world too.

Shannon smiling arms wide

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