customer avatar worksheet designed by digital marketing consultant Shannon Bain Digital

Learn how to identify, attract, convert and retain your ideal clients using my FREE Customer Avatar Worksheet

Your customer avatars will inform EVERYTHING you do from a marketing perspective…if you want to see any results, that is.

Only once you’ve put yourself into your customer’s shoes can you create products, offers, and messages that appeal to them.

If you have a business and simply aren’t getting the results that you want from your marketing OR, you are starting a business, this is the single most effective exercise you can do to 10X your chance of success.

It may seem like you don’t have time to do your customer research because you’re so busy chasing sales…but I’m here to tell you that you don’t have time to NOT do your customer research.

This work is the basis of how you will grow your business both today and in the future.

You’ll understand exactly:


WHO you are looking to target


WHAT separates them from their market


HOW they are unique


WHERE you can connect with them

Gain Complete Clarity On Your Target Market’s Pain Points & Problems

Knowing who your ideal customers and clients are is more than just knowing where they live and how old they are.

Business is all about solving problems, so by understanding the exact challenges & pain points they have, you can know exactly how to


Communicate how your business can help them


Tailor new products & offers specific to their needs


Provide high value information to your audience


Know exactly who you are serving


Position yourself as an expert in your industry

And, you’ll no longer:


Use 'guess work' in your content strategy


Spin the wheels on your marketing

The best part is, that you will finally be able to effortlessly connect with the customers who truly need you, and will pay top $$ for your services.



 But, the only way to do this, is by completing target market research & clear customer avatars…. that’s why you need this 14-page worksheet!

Hi, I’m Shannon.

Owner of Shannon Bain Digital, a Brisbane based boutique digital marketing agency and business coaching service that specialises in helping business owners save time, get more clients and make more money.

I have worked with the likes of small local businesses all the way to global corporations. And have helped them get the most from their marketing and business systems through coaching, marketing management and website design.

My business now specialises in serving independent professionals who are ready to take upgrade marketing so they can make a bigger impact, reach their ideal clients and achieve their goals faster & easier

Shannon Bain Digital is not your average ‘business coach’ or ‘marketing agency’.

When you work with me we are a team, I tend to get just as excited about seeing your progress as you do, and genuinely care about getting you the best results possible. 

I offer a FREE 30 minute strategy consult to anyone who needs a little more direction with their marketing but isn’t sure where to start.


Jen Fraser

An amazing experience with Shannon developing this website for my startup business Thula by Jen.
She is professional, so knowledgeable and incredibly personable. Thank you Shannon!!

Samantha Moormann

When I first came to see Shannon, I wasn't exactly sure of what I wanted in a website.⁠
I knew I wanted one but I had no idea what I wanted from it. Shannon asked me all the right questions, she got me thinking about what it was that I was passionate about, who would be my target audience and worked with me on creating a website and developing my unique selling points.⁠⁠
Shannon has produced a website that is more beautiful than what I could have ever imagined. I am so thankful for the dedication and care she puts into both myself as her client but also the products she produces.⁠⁠
I now have a website that I am proud to direct my clients to and that is all thanks to you." ⁠

Lachie Stuart

Working with Shannon has been game changing. I have been working with business & marketing coaches for the past 3 years and she went above and beyond. She listened to exactly what I wanted and delivered while also sharing a few things that I needed. I wish I found her 3 years ago. She would have saved me so much mental stress and helped me gain clarity around the direction and marketing message for my business. If you want someone who takes the time to understand you and is equally as invested for. She is your girl.

Daniel Evans

If anyone is looking to update there websites or even create a new one I would totally recommend Shannon from Shannon Bain Digital. Very easy process and very sufficient with her work great communication and really easy to deal with. 

What she created for myself was beyond what I could ever imagine, the feedback for my walkabout warriors website has been incredible. My work has increased due to my amazing website, so give her a call a follow you won’t be disappointed.

Linda Magson

Working with Shannon has refreshed my energy and vision for my business. Shannon is passionate about helping her clients and their businesses to thrive and succeed, and worked hard to make this happen for me. She has a professional streamlined, process that delivers a high quality product on target.

The result is a beautiful, integrated, sophisticated and highly functional website that will perform a lot of the business processes for me, instead of the other way around. It is my pleasure to recommend Shannon as an expert in project management, website design and build, SEO and marketing.

I am 100% happy with my new website, which is beautiful, amazing and powerful. Thank you Shannon! Linda Magson, Sydney Online Counselling and Coaching.


Over the last month we have worked with Shannon to completely revamp and redesign our website. To say we are pleased with the outcome would be an extreme undersell for the product and service we have received. Shannon Bain Digital has provided incredibly thorough, prompt and professional support and has been brilliant in assisting us with structuring all of our ideas and visions with our online platforms. We recommend Shannon Bain Digital to any and all businesses or individuals seeking support to improve their digital platforms to a level above the rest.

Shannon's attention to detail, ability to help us create timelines and planning for our future goals in addition to understanding the needs of our business has exceeded our expectations and speaks volumes to her work. We have seen incredible results well so far regarding engagement with our website and exceptional growth in online bookings just from Shannon's changes to our platform. We are excited for our future working with Shannon Bain Digital!