Episode #001

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Welcome to the Purpose-Driven Business Podcast

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This episode introduces you to the Purpose-Driven Business Podcast and what to expect from the show.

Episode Transcript

 Welcome to episode one of the Purpose-Driven Business Podcast. If you don’t know me, my name is Shannon. I’m a website designer and online presence consultant. I own Shannon Bain Digital, which is an online agency based in Brisbane, Australia, and I work with service providers and coaches all over the world to create effective website systems and business growth Strategies.

This podcast has been in the works for over a year now. But I’m gonna be honest, it took me a really, really long time to nail down how I was going to deliver it in a way that conveyed the message that I had to share with the world. So last year, I even record recorded the first five episodes and ended up not releasing them.

And even though the Type A personality inside me was screaming for me to hurry up and take action on release. Something just didn’t feel right. So I sat on it for a while and happy to say that it has finally come together and I’m really excited to be finally releasing this episode today. So you might be wondering, what is this purpose driven business and purpose driven life, and why is she releasing this and what is this all about?

So basically, as the years have gone by building my business and helping others start and grow, It has become really clear that the whole mission and purpose for me doing what I do is that I wanna empower change on more than just an individual level. This is because I have witnessed and experience really amazing things happen in my life and the lives of others when they finally find and pursue their purpose in life and create a business around it.

We have so much opportunity around us and I really wanna share this message and show you not only what’s possible, but how to harness it to change your own life in the hope that you’ll not only go on to live a happier, more fulfilled life yourself. But also influence others to do the same. I really feel like this could have such an impact on not only just the people that take action on changing, but on a global scale.

Because like, just think about what could happen if millions of people were simply happier and more fulfilled in their everyday lives by doing work they love and achieving their personal and professional. It would be pretty powerful, right? Like not to over exaggerate the topic, but it could completely change humanity.

Like imagine if the majority of people in the world or even just a higher percentage of people were happier, more fulfilled, had freedom and financial independence, and actually live lives that they loved and that are based around their own values, based around their, um, personal goals, their professional goals, what really drives.

And around pursuing their purpose in life. Now, I’ll be the first to say that owning a business isn’t for everyone. So I wanna put that out there upfront. It’s not easy. It can be really hard. It can wear you down sometimes, and you have to be incredibly driven and resilient. But business is the tool that I use, and for those that want that, I can help you achieve it.

So topics related to business is what I’ll mostly be talking about on this podcast, but overall, I just want people to know. Their passions and purpose in life are and how to pursue that. And I’m just an advocate for doing more things that make you happy, whatever that looks like for you. So even if you are someone that doesn’t want a business, yes.

A lot of these topics that I’m gonna be talking about on the podcast are not going to be that relevant. But the concept around a purpose-driven business and purpose-driven life is really just finding meaning and fulfillment in your life. Like whatever it looks like for you. But it’s a matter of understanding what that is, creating a plan and taking action.

And the overall goal is to create freedom, fulfillment, and independence in your life so that you can do more of the things that you love. So in this podcast, we’re really going to break through all of this, like small talk surface level, like conventional, mainstream way of thinking to shine a line on what’s possible for.

As a business owner and just as a human too. So whether you are just getting started, if you’ve been in business for a while or you are somewhere in between, my goal is to educate, inspire, and give you practical strategies on all of the things online business, as well as ways that you can live a more empowered, purpose-driven life, too.

The intention of this episode was just to introduce you to the Purpose-Driven Business podcast. Who I am, why I’m creating this, and what to expect. So I’m gonna wrap it up there, but you can move straight onto episode two now. And please, please, it would mean so much to me if you could subscribe to the show so you’re notified of future episodes.

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