How A Website Can Supercharge Your Coaching Career

Coaching is one of the most fulfilling, exciting, motivating and profitable careers you can undertake. One of the biggest reasons I love working with coaches is because they are the kind of people who are following their passions.

Coaches Are Often:

Passionate about their businesses and the work they do would be the same regardless of money.

Making an impact by changing the lives of others

Just fun, growth-minded individuals

In saying that, coaches ARE people. Often extroverted or at least thrive on personal connection and building relationships with others. While it certainly isn’t a bad thing, it does often result in some fundamental back-end business systems and marketing elements lacking while they are busy hustling to get clients and serving in 1-1 sessions.

The back-end systems, marketing and strategy are often left to deal with ‘some day soon’.

If this is resonating with you right now, don’t worry because you are not alone.
The majority of coaches usually end up facing one of these two problems:


They can’t reach enough people to grow their businesses or client base at the rate they want to⁠


Are at the point of becoming burnt out from trading time for money⁠

The thing is, that both of these roadblocks stem from the same issue, And that is that they haven’t built an online presence that is focused on authority and scalability.

I have found that the majority of the coaches I work with fall into one of these 3 categories.

They want:

To grow their audience and authority while expanding their reach and elevating their brand

More enquiries and clients, and I mean… from dream clients, not just someone to fill a spot in their calendar. They want to make real impact and work with the people they can get the best results for⁠

To have a platform that will allow them to scale their income and enable them to grow their business beyond 1:1 client work⁠

So where does a website fit into all of this?⁠

If done right, a website can become a platform to transform your coaching business beyond trading time for money and allow for more freedom and flexibility in your life.⁠

One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a coach is not building an online presence or having an effective website for your brand that brings clients to you so you can grow faster and easier.

A website will lay the foundational elements which allow you to get more clients, open the door to new opportunities and assist in your ability to scale beyond 1:1 sessions.

And I know this because I have seen it work first hand with my clients.⁠ The truth is that you cannot grow your coaching business without a website and this blog will take you through how a website can super-charge your coaching career, elevate your online presence and expand your potential in business.

Why You Need A Website As A Coach

Elevate Your Online Presence

Social media is great, but a website shows your customers and potential clients that you are serious about your business. It is a direct representation of the fact that you invest in yourself, are here to stay and gives you a level of professionalism that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Expand Your Reach

Remember that everything that you do to market your business via social media should be done with the intention to elicit action in your audience. That action is usually simply clicking a link or visiting your website which will then act as another stepping stone for them to decide whether you are the right fit for them.

Have a website and using it effectively will help bridge the gap between your social media account and real-revenue generating activities.

Get Leads On Autopilot

A website is all about conversions. It you want a website that is going to make you money you have to ensure it is set up to turn traffic into clients. If you are a coach, you shouldn’t have to be chasing clients, they should be coming to you. And not just any client, those dream clients who you can absolutely get the best results for.

But how can you do that?


Have a website


Drive Traffic To It


Convert Visitors Into Leads

3 Ways A Website Can Make You More Money As A Coach

There are a number of ways you can make more money with your website as a coach. The point of these are to help you step out of trading time for money and really stand out online.

Coaches tend to get stuck working too many face-to-face hours, but with a website the possibilities are endless in terms of ways you can scale up and break away from this common theme among coaches.

⁠Create An Online Course

This one doesn’t need that much more explanation but if you want to step out of trading time for money packaging up your expertise and putting it into a course is one of the best ways to scale up! Think of the transformations you provide your clients and develop your own unique strategy or system and then teach it in an online course or program.

Sell Physical or Digital Products

I’ve seen this work so well with coaches who want to expand their offer suites and have an idea for a product that would complement their coaching services. This could come in the form of a physical product that would need to be shipped out to the customers or a digital product such as an e-book or paid resource.

Subscription-Based Membership Site

Recurring income is king in business, and locked, premium content is one way that you could scale up your business and sell access to you or your content for a monthly fee is another way you could make money with your websites as coach.

Some coaches think they can get by without having a website or even without creating any online identity. While it is possible to a degree, if you are serious about making it in the coaching space in this day and age, without burning out capping out on time, you need an online presence and you need a website.

I am pretty passionate about helping coaches and service-based businesses elevate their brands through website design and digital marketing and if you are coach ready to take your business to the next level click here to book a free consult or apply for my signature website in a week package here.