How To Use Attraction Based Marketing?

If you spend a few minutes searching for marketing types around today, you’re likely to see entries for affiliate marketing, online marketing and social media marketing, just to name a few.

What you may not see is any mention of attraction based marketing. It’s a way of warming people to your business or idea without all the hype and noise about selling. But that’s just the beginning.

What is Attraction Based Marketing?

The idea of strategically introducing people to your offering is nothing new, and it’s the technique most good marketers use. The difference between selling to people and them coming to you instead is in your approach. Attraction based marketing totally changes the client-business dynamic and makes for an easier sales process overall.

The concept behind attraction based marketing comes from your ability to position your brand in a way that connects with your ideal customer and solves a genuine need in the market place. Providing free content across different platforms is a key way of reaching a broad audience.

You are providing pure value that solves problems and over time, your reader will recognize you as an authority, or at least someone whose ideas and opinions they trust, and is more likely to consider your offer.

Subconsciously they instantly think of you or your company without considering other offers because you have already established yourself in their minds as trustworthy and capable of fulfilling their needs, and they are drawn to your brand.

That is how attraction based marketing works.

Relationship Building

People buy from people they trust. Trust develops from previous interactions that over time, have forged a new relationship built on earned trust granted by your reader.

Trust in any relationship starts with honesty and how your readers relate to you. Has your reader experienced similar things in their past that relate to yours? Show your readers how your product or service benefited you.

Familiarity with your brand also plays an important role in establishing trust and a willingness to inquire about your offer, whether from curiosity or an actual need they’re confident you can fill.

The relationship with your readers continues because they trust that what you’re telling them is meaningful and sincere. By not trying to sell them something at every turn, they have more faith in what you’re saying.

As an example, consider the reaction from your reader when you subtly mention your recommendation to solve a problem and when the time comes. By keeping your relationship sincere and giving free value, you are building a huge amount of reciprocity and leveraging those benefits in a very natural way.

Why is Attraction Based Marketing Effective?

We all know people change. The latest craze that drew people en masse to buy a product or use a service might dry up and disappear. If your business relied on that for leads, your business will struggle unless you prepare ahead of time.

Attraction based marketing ensures you have established relationships with your readers and provided a path for their success through your product or service. Make the effort to nurture the relationship with your readers. It’s good for them and for your business.

Happy customers treat you like royalty and never consider going with someone else because you gave them what they needed, and you continue to provide value, much like a friend would do.

Should I Be Using Attraction Based Marketing?

The basis of all successful marketing is how well you can attract customers to your brand. Yes, you should be using attraction based marketing because when done right, you’re encouraging customers to come to you and seek you out above all others.

Customers have more choices today than ever before, and if you can develop lasting relationships with your readers, you will have them for life. That’s an enormous responsibility because people change and so do their circumstances, so be there to offer help and guidance related to their association with you.

The Best Ways to Use Attraction Based Marketing

You already know attraction based marketing starts with learning the needs of your customers and creating content that addresses those needs. The following highlights this and other areas to help you get the most out of becoming a thought leader in your industry.

Solve real problems and give value to the market.
Your responsibility is to generate content that addresses those needs. Uniqueness is key because your USP defines where you stand in your market. Your product or service needs to stand out from all the other options available and provide what no other company offers.

Create clarity around your unique selling points (USP).
One key to engaging your audience is to generate content your readers consume and help teach them about your product or service and how it will benefit them, just as it benefited you.

Provide consistent, education focused content.
Focus your efforts on making your product or service important in your customer’s mind so they know you are uniquely qualified to solve their problem.

Use brand positioning to become an authority in your industry.
Focus your efforts on making your product or service important in your customer’s mind so they know you are uniquely qualified to solve their problem.

Be omnipresent.
Some marketers feel they have done enough with content creation or advertising and just stop. To achieve omnipresence, stopping or being conventional is not the answer. Your brand will fade into mediocrity. Instead, must take the lead in your industry and build on what made your company. Take bold steps and don’t be shy.

Be yourself!
Your readers know the real you, or at least they should. Never stop allowing the real you from shining through in your content, videos, podcasts, or any other means of communication with your readers.

Attraction based marketing is at the core of what we do here at Shannon Bain Digital and encourage our clients to build a brand that becomes a magnet to their ideal clients and flicks the switch on conventional styles of outbound-sales focussed marketing.

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