online presence audit

Personalised assessment for online business owners


Many business owners struggle to see their business from a customer’s point of view.

And in the world of digital, your business is being experienced by potential customers online, 24/7.

The problem is that when you wear the blinders of being ‘in’ your business, it is hard to see things from another perspective, so the eyes of an outsider can be invaluable.

This online presence audit focuses on analysing key areas of your marketing, and systems to uncover areas of opportunities that you can leverage.

It’s fast, low-cost, and jam-packed with valuable information from an online presence expert.

We Will Analyse Key Areas of Your Online Presence TO Provide Actionable Tips and Opportunities


Is your brand messaging, brand and branding clear, concise and consistent across all platforms? This can effect your level of authority and positioning in the market.


Your website is an important online hub and integral in all of your marketing efforts. We will check the usability of your site and see if it aligns with your key action points.

Social Media

We will check your social media accounts and content marketing to discover your strengths and weaknesses. Small tweaks can make a huge difference in many cases.

User Experience

We will check your online presence from the end user’s perspective and this includes everything from their ability to find you, and take action toward becoming a client is as easy as possible.

What’s Included

Video Breakdown of Results

You will recieve a personlised video breaking down our findings and areas of opportunity for you to leverage in order to drive better results with your marketing.


1 Page Recommendations

To assist in implementing our recommdendations, we will provide a 1 page documented action-plan, so you can refer back to your key priorities going forward.



Digital Marketing Audit

We will spend time analysing your current marketing from the perspective of someone who specialises in website design and digital strategy, but also with the end-user and your goals in mind.




Simply fill out the questionnaire on this page and we will be in touch within 5 business days (it is usually sooner) with our findings, a personalised video breaking down our recommendations.

Your results will assist in guiding your next steps and marketing focus going forward. We will ensure the recommendations are simple to understand and as easy as possible to implement, allowing you to deliver real value and results.


What is an online presence audit?

An online presence audit examines key areas of your marketing and systems to identify areas of opportunity that you can capitalize on.

Will You Take Us Through Your Findings?

You will receive a personalised explanation video breaking down our findings and recommendations. It will be easy to understand and yours to keep forever.

How Long Will It Take?

You will receive your results within 5 business days (usually less). Your personalised video including our findings, results and recommendations will be up to 15 minutes long.

How do you assess online presence?

We will analyze your website, brand, social media, and user experience, among other aspects of your digital footprint, to give you insights and recommendations for improving these areas.

What’s included in the digital presence audit?

Once we have completed our assessment of your online presence assets, we will send you a video breakdown of the results, followed by a 1-page recommendation plan on how to implement the recommendations, and a digital marketing audit conducted by a digital marketing professional.

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