Why Hire a Website Designer?

Websites are an integral part of managing the way your business looks and operates online. Website are often at the centre of your online operations and play a huge role in nurturing potential clients through a journey toward becoming a paying client.

Working with a professional website designer will position you as an authority and allow you to communicate your unique message, services and offers with ease.

Why You Need a Website

Understand that success in business ultimately comes down to the way your potential customers perceive and experience your business. Brand positioning will determine the quality of clients you are able to obtain.

Let’s face it… any legitimate business these days has a website, so why don’t you?

Digital Business & Marketing Centralisation

All content and marketing needs to point toward a common action. It should be clearly communicated and focus on providing value.

Having one place that people can be directed to in order to take action makes generating leads and making sales 1000x easier.

Improves Online Authority

Be aware that once you have an online presence, people are taking a journey through your business 24/7 online.

Your website will always be one of the first things potential clients search for. Your ability to sell your services will be effected if this crucial element of the customer journey is missed.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Website Designer

While a website can be an incredible asset, DIY’s don’t cut it.

It can be temping to build a site using a site builder. But, after doing several redesign projects, my observations are that successful business owners seriously understand the importance of their online identity. Plus, they value their time too much to do it themselves.

Sure, try and spend hours figuring out the tech and throw few things on a page and hope for the best. But there is a huge difference when you receive something that is well thought out, goal orientated and aligned to your unique brand messaging.

Professional website designers know how to create a website covering all aspects including:

– Aesthetics

The market will view a business with a good design as trustworthy and professional. Without this, clients will doubt credibility. So, it is important that the font and colours match and the layout and imagery on point.

If not, it is worth considering, as these visual aspects elicit emotional responses, influencing visitors to feel a certain way about you. And emotion will drive action. Web design with a quality logo, styling and colours will make it easier for a client to identify and trust your brand.

– Functionality

The site needs to look good, but just as important is how it functions. A website designer will help set clear goals & objectives for the website and make sure it encourages action. They’ll think about the end, what you want them to do after arriving and what happens next. A professional website designer will ensure the website integrates into your other systems and is as streamlined as possible.

Why Your Current Website Isn’t Up To Scratch

It’s hard to navigate

A useful website should have straightforward navigation. There are psychological theories such as Hicks Law, that says that the more choices you give someone, the longer it will take them to choose.  The navigation should be simple and straight forward.

It doesn’t display or work correctly on mobile

This is now one of the most important aspects of designing a website. Depending on your business, over 50% of your visitors could be on mobile. Google also has the ability to rank based on responsive site performance.

The content is out of date or not relevant

Updating content is not only great for SEO but gives visitors a reason to come back. A website is never just ‘set it and forget it’, it needs to keep it fresh and updated regularly to ensure it is effective.

It’s confusing and has broken links

There is nothing worse than going to a website to find that there are broken links, the contact form doesn’t work properly, or you have to search hard for what you are looking for. When a visitor gets frustrated, even in the slightest, they will leave and look elsewhere.

Broken links are not only bad for SEO but seriously detrimental to the customer experience.

It’s not driving action

As mentioned before, a website is more than just something nice to look at. It should be action orientated, designed around your goals and encourage relevant action. A good design attracts the site visitor’s attention to calls to action.

It’s not on WordPress.org 

WordPress provides full flexibility to scale and grow as you do. WordPress is a Content Management System, NOT a website builder, and that means it provides features that are important in order to accommodate growth.

Online courses, e-commerce stores, subscription services, booking systems, email opt ins and marketing campaigns can all be implemented and managed directly on the WordPress dashboard. There is not much that WordPress can’t do in order to customise it.

In summary

A website is one of the most important assets within your business.

It will directly impact your ability to connect to, communicate with and convert potential customers. So it pays to get it right the first time.

Remember that there are a number of factors that go into creating an optimised customer journey.

Make it a memorable experience by creating a website that looks good and makes the decision to work with your business easier than ever.

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