Marketing Funnels vs Marketing Cycles


What is a marketing funnel and why do you need one in your coaching or service-based business?

A marketing funnel is literally just a system that is designed to take prospective clients all the way from being totally unaware of your product or service all the way up to actually purchasing from you and potentially even referring others to you as well. So when we look to implement a marketing funnel into a business there’s these four areas that we need to look at. So how you’re attracting, engaging, converting, and retaining clients. But what we really want to do is actually set up a system or cycle rather than a funnel itself. So what I mean by that and why I refer to marketing systems as cycles instead of funnels, is because a funnel kind of suggests that there’s an end point. So a lot of people will set up funnels really focused in, on the lead generation and conversion stages of this cycle or this system. And what we want to actually do is make sure we’re setting up these cycles to take into account also what is happening before someone actually engages with your business and what happens after they become a client as well. And when we set it…

So within each stage, we need to look at exactly what we’re doing to encourage people to go to that next stage. That is really the system that we want to set up. So that’s around knowing the kind of actions and mindset people are really experiencing in those specific stages. And also just setting up systems within each stage to make sure that we are actually nurturing those people and actually encouraging them to take action, which is to step into that next stage. But when we’re looking at the attraction and retention stages, which is at the start and theoretical end of this funnel, we also need to look at how we’re actually supporting and providing value to these people and particularly how we’re actually setting up the end of the funnel to replenish itself also.

So marketing funnels seem like they need to be over complicated, but it’s really just a simple way to make sure that you’re getting in front of the right people and nurturing them in a way that is totally effective, reliable, and scalable. So you can make sure that you are generating business on a month to month basis consistently. So it’s never too soon to implement a marketing system or marketing cycle within your business, because it’s going to help you be a lot more effective with all of the marketing efforts that you go through because you’re actually leading people somewhere. You’re actually nurturing them through this whole journey, you’re taking into account that there’s a person behind the purchase, and you’re not forgetting that marketing. Isn’t just about lead generation and sales. It’s also about brand awareness and actually providing an amazing service to your paying clients as well.

So, every different stage is just as important as the other, but it’s never too soon to make sure that you have these systems set up. So if this is something you feel like you need in your business and trust me, everyone needs this in their business, it’s been integral in my whole business strategy up until this point. There’s two ways that you could work with me. The first is if you’re an established business owner, you can book in a 90 minute strategy session where we’ll map this whole system out for you and exactly what you need to implement within each stage to make sure you are getting the best results possible.

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